Preparing for class

Teaching a yoga class is something that I truly put a lot of thought and effort into. You could say I am a bit of a planner…make no mistakes, there are many places in my life where these words do not describe me. However, preparing for my classes is a whole different story. After each class I teach, I begin to think about what I will teach next. I haven’t gotten to the point in my teaching career that I feel comfortable just stepping into class with no prior preparations. I try to think of a meaningful message to pass along to my students, one that will leave them with a positive experience.

I like to start off with the music. Growing up a pianist, music is a very powerful expression of who I am. How do I want the class to flow? Do I want my students to feel the rhythm, or do I want to send them into a moving meditation practice? This, for me, all starts with tunes!

Next, I like to come to my mediation room/office, close the door (so the cat isn’t trying to “help” while lying on the keyboard of my computer), and search for inspirational quotes to use in class. I turn on Pandora to a calm mediation station and let the practice begin to form. I have to admit, I do take notes…again with the planning! Sometimes, I fear that I will get to class, forget every yoga move, term, breathing practice that I have every learned. Has this happened? No, but I’m not taking any chances!

It’s funny, I am always so grateful to go to a yoga class that it probably wouldn’t matter if the teacher did forget everything he/she knew. I am just happy to be there on my mat. My students most likely feel the same, but I don’t ever want them to leave feeling disappointed.

So, for now, I will plan. I will take my notes. I will try to hide them behind my bolster, even though I know everyone sees them. But, for now, it makes me feel better.

How do you get ready for class as a teacher or as a student? Do you get there, unroll your mat and just release into zen? Or do you need time to unwind and release?

Sending you love & light on this cloudy Ohio day.



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