Dealing with anger, yogi style

Anger. It affects us all at times. When you boil it all  down, it comes down to control & who holds it. Are you in control of your emotions, or is someone else working the marionette strings of your life? Once you figure out that you can control your emotions, you have some major power in your hands! You can choose how to react to people, situations and well, just about everything!

So, you’re in control, now what? Use it!

Let’s say you got a not so friendly email from a friend or coworker. Read it. Read it again. Get irritated, vent to your mother, then drop it. Yep, you heard that right, drop it. Where is being angry going to get you? Well, let’s see…

First, you will be pissed. Smoke coming out of your ears, cartoon-style angry.  Next, you vent. You tell your mama, girlfriend, boyfriend, the cashier at the grocery, whoever will listen all about your problem. But wait, is it your problem? Not anymore! Remember, you have control over your thoughts. So, save yourself the high blood pressure and sit down. Get out a pencil and a piece of paper. BREATHE. Slow down your thoughts. Turn off the radio, tv, and iwhatever for 5 minutes and think. What is the result of you sending back an angry retort to your email, phone call, etc? Probably just an argument waiting to happen. Decide if you are ok with that outcome, if not make a list…list out your grievances. Why you’re mad, how you feel and what you would like to come of this situation.

Does your relationship with this person mean sacrificing your sanity? My guess is no. So, you’ve made your list. Toss it into the nearest fire pit (remember I am from the country) and fuggataboutit.

Reply to your conflict with grace. Answer their questions/comments with tact and kindness. Remember that we don’t always know what is going on behind closed doors for them, as they don’t know the same about our lives. Let’s decide to take the “high road”. We will feel a sense of peace, instead of anger, and hope that one day the favor is returned.  Ahh, karma. Or as my mother would say, “what goes around, comes around”.  And in my house, mama was rarely wrong:)

Sending you love, light and strength in conflict.


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