Be still

Have you ever noticed how challenging it is for some people to just be still? Maybe you’ve noticed yourself fidgeting while at a yoga class. Maybe you see someone across a cafe having lunch with a friend who can’t stop looking at their phone. It is truly a mental workout sometimes, just to be still.

Being present in the moment, truly relaxing and being still is at (first) a challenge for most. So, how do we start to learn stillness?

First, let’s find a comfortable and quiet place to sit. Find a comfortable position to rest in. Close your eyes. Rest your hands on your knees, keep your spine in alignment and your neck in “neutral”. Now, this is the hard part…breathe. And….you guessed it…keep breathing! Ignore the sounds that might come up around you, try to focus your attention solely on breathing. A lot of times in my classes, I suggest for my students to place one hand over their heart, and the other on their belly. That way they can really feel the breath flowing, and that slows their mind. Then, after a few minutes of just breathing, I ask them to release their hands back to their knees and you see it happening (or not happening:)…stillness!

Start practicing this for 5 minutes a day, and this is truly the beginning of mindful meditation practice.

Sending you lots of love, light and stillness this week.



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