Think about it…just putting your phone/gadgets away for 24 hours. What would happen?

Would you constantly be thinking about checking emails, texts, Facebook, Instagram, etc? Or, would you feel relieved to have this quiet space where you could think and focus on something other than your social media?

Would you find a calm place where you could read a book, or write a letter to a friend, take a nap, or just gaze up at the sky and enjoy a beautiful day? When is the last time you took time for just you, and enjoyed being in digital silence?

Let’s try it one day this week. You can choose any day you like. Or a half day even, if 24 hours seems like an eternity. We can work up to that later! Let’s turn off our devices and see how we feel, what we see and hear around us.

Do you feel anxious that you can’t check your email? Do you feel happy to not hear the chirping of your phone every time a text comes in? Do you feel peace, finally settling into watch the sunset without sending out to your social media friends?

If you are someone who is constantly attached to your phone, try sending out a message to your friends (beforehand) that you are taking a phone break for a day (so they don’t send out a search and rescue team). If they are anything like my friends, they will give you a little flack, but that’s ok! You are taking time for you.

I am completely guilty of being too attached to my gadgets, so I am going to do it too. Let’s share our experiences…good, bad or wonderful!


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