It has been an interesting journey through life lately. There have been periods of extreme busyness, followed by times of nothingness. I often find it hard to balance through the ebb and flow of times like these.

Keeping myself motivated during the down times, is well, a challenge. When I am busy and moving, no problem. But, as soon as things slow down…I slowly turn into a couch potato.

So, today, I decided to buy a bike. I laughed myself silly trying to ride at first…it has been quite awhile since I have ridden. I am looking for a healthy motivation to keep me moving, and is a much healthier alternative to sitting around!

I have, however, been super motivated to find more yoga work lately. I want to teach as much as possible. I find that not only am I teaching my students, but I feel like they are teaching me so much more. I am truly enjoying teaching and opportunities have been arising quite often lately. Yea!

What do you do to keep yourself motivated when couch-potato-it is sets in?




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