being quiet

Sometimes, I think to myself, how truly difficult it is to be quiet…

Those who know me well, know that I like to talk. The challenge sometimes (for me), is truly being able to listen. Am I just waiting to talk, or am I actually listening to what the other person is saying?

Lately I have tried, with all of my heart, to listen…and be quiet.

Do I still have a lot to say at some point in the conversation, heck yea I do! But, stepping back and listening to what the other person is saying is taking on a whole other meaning for me. I have to focus on quieting my mind (and the stories that I want to fit into our chat), and literally stop the monkey mind and LISTEN!

It is so easy for us to talk endlessly sometimes about ourselves. We are the person we truly know the most about, so it makes since…but wouldn’t you want to know more about the person you are talking to? We already know everything there is to know about ourselves. Let’s quiet those minds this weekend and listen. Listen to our loved ones. Ask them questions, be curious. Do you know about their childhood, their greatest fears, their happiest times? No, then ask! It is the only way we will truly ever learn anything about others.

So, let’s listen…to whatever they have to say. Soak it in. Ask questions. Listen to others, maybe we will learn something…about them or ourselves this weekend.

just. be. quiet.

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