new beginnings

You never know where life is going to lead you and the many lessons you will learn! I am finally getting settled in to my new life in Charleston, South Carolina…and I absolutely love it!

As things go with moving, it has been a whirlwind of packing, unpacking, late nights and early mornings. But the journey has been an interesting and self affirming one.

I know that I have written before about everyone not understanding your journey. And this has been a huge mix of emotions with myself, friends and family. Of course, the people closest to you want you to be, well, close to you!

With this being said, the choices you make, are just that. Your choices. They could be right or wrong for you at that time in your life, but you must, MUST make them for yourself. Things will work themselves out, as life always does. Your path may lead you back to your the place you grew up, or somewhere far, far away.

You will fall. You will rise. And, in the end, go on your own journey through life. There will be good times, and bad. Laughter and tears. Live each moment as they come. Be fully present in the moment, at that moment.

Be. Here. Now.


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