travel: yogi style

As I am sitting here on a crowded flight from Maui to Charleston (3 flights, two days and countless cups of tea…ok, fine…wine;), I am reminded of how the virtues of yoga can make such a journey more pleasant.

First of all, let me say, that I am not going to tell you that crying babies, crowded airports and the general chaos of travel does not affect me. By no means am I going to say that I am on some cerebral level to be able to overlook, and tune out all of the general “noise” that travel can provide. However, there are ways that we can look to make these situations more relaxing.

Next, let’s get to what I understand is the most common type of annoyance during travel… noise. The afore mentioned crying child, the constant chatter, faceless voices over a loud speaker in the airport. While, I certainly don’t want you to miss your flight, subway or bus…keeping the volume of the masses is a must! Keeping track of your departure time is always a positive!

When I travel, I carry a pair of noise canceling headphones. Sometimes, I don’t even turn music on to listen to. A pair of earbuds, or even foam earplugs can work just as well. If you are the like myself, and you to want to listen to music, do yourself a favor and make a calming playlist to use for such occasions. I often find myself playing it almost anytime that I need a mental break from my day.

Moving on. Do you have what you need to be comfortable? A pillow, a familiar scent, a blanket, etc? We all know that space is tight, but we can carry on a few of our necessities, to make the journey feel more comfortable. I bring a small backpack with a linen blanket, neck pillow and a tissue with a comforting few drops of essential oil on it. Whenever I find myself getting stressed, I pull the tissue out and take a few deep breaths of essential oil and calm my mind.

Finally, breathe! That person sitting next to you…just like they don’t know jack about you…you have not idea what is going on with them. Why are they on this flight (train, trip, etc)? Hopefully, for a pleasure trip to visit friends and family. If not? Be willing to give them a smile. You, literally, NEVER, know what is going on with someone else.

Smile. You are traveling. You are going to see something new. Something familiar. Or someone, you love. Enjoy the adventure of it all.

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