To say that I don’t deal with change well, is an understatement. As a yoga teacher, you would think that I would be flexible in both body, and mind…not so true, here.

I am truly, a creature of habit. I like things to be, as they have always been. I like security; the knowing that things, people and circumstances remain the same.

This year, and the past couple of years (for that matter), a lot of things have changed. Friends who I thought were forever, are no more. Family, that I loved, I lost. A new home, in a state. Blossoming new job, with great potential. The rise and fall of emotions, have been a lot to go through. The roller coaster in my mind has sent me spiraling.

I try, often too hard, to put on a brave (and smiling) face. As the traditions, of yesteryear, come to an end…I find myself wishing for things to be the “same”. As I travel home for Thanksgiving this year, I am reminded of the ideas of tradition and change.

My favorite day, hands down, is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. My family and I, pack up the car and head to a farm in the middle of nowhere, Indiana, in search of the “perfect” Christmas tree. We meet up with old friends, have the most amazing tailgating experience and then head into the fields to search for this years’ tree.

It really has nothing to do with the tree. But, everything to do with friends who are family. I’ve grown up with these people by my side, and can’t imagine life without them. They are my chosen family, and I love them dearly.

This year, one of my other favorite traditions, Thanksgiving night, will be lacking some people who have known me longer than any other. It’s a long story, but a friendship was severed and a loved one was lost. The change, I spoke of disliking earlier, is very present in the thought of this night. I want to rewind time, and make everything be alright. But, as life may have it, things change.

I am going to embrace, with as much grace as I can muster, this newfound change. Be thankful for the time that I have spent with the people that I love. Whether it have been cut short, or as they remain in my life. I will appreciate all they have taught me, and the lessons I have learned.

Change, even though I may not want it, is a fact of life. I want to turn my face towards the sun, and soak up all that I am thankful for, and all of the lessons that I have learned from change. I want to appreciate all that life hands me, and the abundance of love that I have been so blessed with throughout my life.

sending you all abundant love+light

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