unplanned meetings

Are you one of those people who thinks that people come into your life for a reason? I know that I am. I think that everyone in your world, is there to teach you a lesson.

I have recently met a couple of people that, I feel have been placed in my world…for a reason. Do you know that feeling where you have an immediate connection with someone? Like you feel an instant bond to want to know more about them, and their life?

This has, blissfully, been my recent reality.

I love when I meet amazing people, who out of the blue, change my perspective and open my eyes to new things! I have been so lucky to have begun a couple of new career opportunities, which has led to me to meet so many nice people. I am so blessed to be surrounded by such sweet people in my new “hometown”.

You never know, a simple smile can start a conversation, and a budding new friendship!

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