no wonder people are afraid to try yoga!

Ok, I am becoming overwhelmed with all of these insane posts on social media with people doing asana (postures) in ridiculous places. I mean, really?!? Why are you doing handstands in the street? Why are your hands on the countertop, one foot on the table and the other in the splits? This is getting a bit out of hand.

For or yoga teachers, like myself, I have heard the phrase “I’m not flexible enough” and “I’m don’t want to embarrass myself” almost every single day. And, the more that I am online, the more I realize the presence of photos like I described above, EVERYWHERE.

Yogis, as a community we need to become more conscience of allowing new people to join this amazing practice that we have come to know and love. We all have poses that we have mastered and look great doing in our designer yoga wear in posed pictures to post online. But, yoga is about being humble and always learning from our practice.

So, the next time that you try to get in a bind, and can’t reach your foot, arm, whatever…take a picture of that. Made a horrible smoothie, that tastes like grass…take a picture of that. Fell out of a shoulder stand into a ball of laughter…you get the idea. I would be so happy to see people being real!

We are ALL students of our practice. That is why it is called a practice, we will never master it. And that, is what makes it so amazing.

Share your realness with me on Instagram or Facebook with me: @januaryandjuneyoga #yogirealness

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