Ladies, really?!?

What are we doing to one another, as women? Body shaming, self loathing, not loving ourselves for who we are?

I have heard so much negative talk about women and their own bodies lately. I hate that we do that to ourselves and others…

Cellulite, yeah, I’ve got it. You probably do to. It’s completely ok. Life as a woman, means that sometimes, we carry a little extra “love” in our thighs.

I overheard a conversation between two women today, speaking poorly of another woman in a restaurant because of her choice of dress and her not “apparently” thin enough body…

This is is not ok. We can’t judge people. You have no idea what they are going through, or how their body should look. You wouldn’t want someone else do do that to you, right?

As women we need to bring all of this body shaming to an end. We ALL have good and bad days.

Maybe you enjoyed pizza last night and are carrying your “food baby” around. Maybe you are trying to lose weight and struggling. Maybe you don’t eat enough to be healthy, and are trying your best to make it through each day.

You are perfect. Just as you are. Trying to do you best  each day to keep yourself healthy in the place that you are, is what we can strive for.

We are all a work in progress throughout our life, and will forever be. Our journey is day by day. Live it. And make the changes that YOU feel necessary. Society doesn’t dictate how your body feels at its best. YOU DO.


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