meet joe!


Joe Vinciguerra is a passionate truth seeker and a lover of yoga, learning, technology, blogging, biking and Italian culture. A native of New York, Joe’s journey on the mat began in 2012, taking his first yoga class in Manhattan, NY. Joe quickly discovered the benefits of mind and body connection, and took his own practice to different yoga studios around the city and down the east coast of the states. He studied with numerous instructors including Tao-Porchon-Lynch, who at 96 years old has over 70 years of teaching experience and is recognized as the world’s oldest yoga instructor.
After becoming more interested in the ancient philosophical path of yoga, Joe found himself on a plane to India, the birthplace of yoga just two years after his first class. Looking to deepen his practice and knowledge of yoga his journey led him to Dharamshala, where he studied the yoga asanas, meditation, philosophy, pranayama, anatomy, teaching methods and received his 200 hours level training. Joe is also a licensed Broga Yoga Instructor after completing his training in Brooklyn, NY and also holds a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in New Media from SUNY Purchase College. In August 2014 Joe moved to Charleston, SC and immediately became involved in the yoga community there. Joe thrives on instructing students of all levels and ages and is devoted to expanding his mind, knowledge and experience through the practice of yoga.

Joe teaches at january&june yoga on:

Monday@6:15p & Thursday@6:15p

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