meet nicholl!

Join us tomorrow 1.21.17 for kids/parents yoga with Nicholl! We will have a 90 minute workshop with yoga and a craft! See you at 10a! $15/family per class

Nicholl Summers is certified to teach yoga to children of all ages. She received her certification for teaching children 4-12 from Kidding Around Yoga and has also completed specialized training for pre-k yoga for children ages 1-4. Nicholl is currently enrolled in a local 200hr RYT training as well as a specialized adaptability training for making yoga accessible to children of all abilities. Nicholl has been practicing yoga since 2002 when she took her first yoga class at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Since then, a personal yoga practice has been her anchor in times of stress and change. After the birth of her son, they practiced as a family and the benefits of yoga to both mother and child inspired her to pursue her certification. As a mother to one two year old boy, she has found that practicing yoga has helped her bond with her son and manage stress. Yoga has been wonderful for her son as well. It gives children to tools to cope with stress, change and overstimulation. Practicing yoga also builds self-esteem, brings their awareness to how their actions impact those around them, and teaches them how to be a mindful member of their community. Nicholl loves good coffee, cooking and quiet walks in nature. When she is not teaching yoga, she can be found hiking in the woods, enjoying a latte, cooking a warm hearty meal or relaxing at home with her husband, son and two dogs.

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