meet alicia! the newest addition to our yoga family.

starting this friday @10am, alicia will be teaching an all levels hatha class at january&june!

Yoga Instructor, Vedic Thai Yoga Therapist, Passion Fertility Educator Alicia Jones is an Alaska native who traded her snow boots for flip flops when she moved to Charleston 2 1/2 years ago with her husband, Zach. A Beatles song brought them together one fateful night in July (I’ll bet you can’t guess which one)… A short 6 months later, Zach gave Alicia a DIAMOND, and they exchanged “I Do’s” under the blue SKY. Four years have passed since that day and their love manifested itself in the form of a carefree, wild-eyed, blonde-haired beauty named LUCY, who at 3 years old, keeps them laughing and constantly learning from her inner wisdom. I can’t wait to go on this journey together! You can join me on the mat Friday’s at 10am!

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