merry christmas ❤️’s

Hello all! Sending you all the bestest of holidays!  No matter what religion/holiday that you celebrate, know that we, as your yoga family are here to celebrate with you! Sending you all the love and light for today and always. The merriest of all to you, and your loved ones❤️.


class schedule & pricing

monday 5:45p beginner w/joe tuesday 10:00a gentle w/stephanie thursday 10:00a hatha flow w/stephanie thursday 5:45p mid-level vinyasa w/joe friday 10:00a yin w/stephanie   pricing 1 class 15                                                         … Continue reading class schedule & pricing


starting new things. the beginnings of january&june yoga studio. i can't wait for all of you to join my beautiful teachers, in our space. we are all so excited to host you in our studio beginning 1.3.17. 105 laurel way goose creek, south carolina 29445 love&light stephanie

a season of change

Changes are coming. Life is often times like a fire. Things start out cool...gradually get warm, then, the heat turns up. The flames start to ignite. Sometimes, you are in control. Sometimes, you aren't. I am ready to try my hand at being in charge of the fire. love+light

Ladies, really?!?

What are we doing to one another, as women? Body shaming, self loathing, not loving ourselves for who we are? I have heard so much negative talk about women and their own bodies lately. I hate that we do that to ourselves and others... Cellulite, yeah, I've got it. You probably do to. It's completely … Continue reading Ladies, really?!?

no wonder people are afraid to try yoga!

Ok, I am becoming overwhelmed with all of these insane posts on social media with people doing asana (postures) in ridiculous places. I mean, really?!? Why are you doing handstands in the street? Why are your hands on the countertop, one foot on the table and the other in the splits? This is getting a … Continue reading no wonder people are afraid to try yoga!


Ahimsa, is a Sanskrit word that you might hear in a yoga class. If you are anything like me (pre yoga), you probably haven't really studied up on your Sanskrit lately. Ahimsa means non violence, which includes physical, mental, emotional, and can even be applied to using words to harm. Recently, I got a message … Continue reading ahimsa

unplanned meetings

Are you one of those people who thinks that people come into your life for a reason? I know that I am. I think that everyone in your world, is there to teach you a lesson. I have recently met a couple of people that, I feel have been placed in my world...for a reason. … Continue reading unplanned meetings


To say that I don't deal with change well, is an understatement. As a yoga teacher, you would think that I would be flexible in both body, and mind...not so true, here. I am truly, a creature of habit. I like things to be, as they have always been. I like security; the knowing that … Continue reading change

seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes

As a general practice, I would say that keeping your focus on yourself, is always best. Looking inward to make yourself a better human and a productive citizen of the world! Keep your goals in focus, your mind strong and treat your body with kindness. However (I have been recently reminded), that we need to … Continue reading seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes