To say that I don't deal with change well, is an understatement. As a yoga teacher, you would think that I would be flexible in both body, and mind...not so true, here. I am truly, a creature of habit. I like things to be, as they have always been. I like security; the knowing that … Continue reading change

seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes

As a general practice, I would say that keeping your focus on yourself, is always best. Looking inward to make yourself a better human and a productive citizen of the world! Keep your goals in focus, your mind strong and treat your body with kindness. However (I have been recently reminded), that we need to … Continue reading seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes


I was reminded this morning that we are truly all a little fragile. After I finished my practice last night, I felt a bit strange. My body ached, my head felt heavy and my throat was sore. I thought I just needed a proper nights' sleep and would feel better this morning. To my surprise, … Continue reading Fragile